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Dry Off—Without Drying Out

Dry Off—Without Drying Out

By Crown Affair

It’s hot out. Jump into the pool, dive into a lake, or even just lounge at the beach—find relief from the dry, searing heat. These summer activities can require more frequent washing—especially after dunking your head into a chlorine-filled pool or the salty ocean water. Add drier, hotter air and this can take a toll on your strands. While you take extra care to hydrate yourself this summer, your hair deserves that same treatment—using gentle, lightweight products focused on hair health. 


Enter: The Leave-In Conditioner, your go-to hydration companion. It’s the ideal amount of nourishing, smoothing, and hydrating—and won’t weigh your sun-soaked strands down. It’s also versatile: apply it to your hair for protection before exposing it to chlorine or salt water, or use it to finish off your air dry. Just a few pumps go a long way when rehydrating and accentuating your hair’s texture. Think: natural beach waves after you’ve washed out the sand. Know that your strands are safe and protected all summer—and they’ll look great, too.