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Crown Affair x Sephora

Crown Affair x Sephora

By Crown Affair

This is a big day for us. Our small team has been working alongside Sephora for months to make this collaboration happen—to see it come to life feels surreal.


Since the very beginning our goal has been to create a love for the actual daily process of caring for your hair. We want as many people as possible to experience that, and to incorporate it into their own lives in their own ways. It's incredibly exciting and motivating to see our beloved tools and formulas suddenly be so much more readily accessible to many more people.


We're thankful to Sephora and, more than ever, we're so grateful to each one of you for helping us along the way. You're the reason we're here at all.


Find your nearest Sephora HERE, and go see for yourself. Smell, touch, feel and experience Crown Affair in person. We'll see you there.


With Love,

The Crown Affair Team