Welcome to our universe.

When I started Crown Affair, I wanted to create high quality haircare rooted in ritual. For me, haircare is a daily practice, a part of being well and caring for myself. But after years of conversations, I realized it was much more frustrating than relaxing for so many people in my life. So I decided to create a new kind of haircare brand—one with clean ingredients, effective formulations, and beautiful handmade tools you’ll look forward to using every day. Crown Affair is a love letter to those who seek to change their relationship with their hair, appreciate its natural beauty, and, most importantly, take care.

— Dianna Cohen, Founder and CEO

Find your ritual.

We work with the best craftsmen and chemists from around the world to create clean formulations and beautiful tools that transform your everyday routine into a true ritual. We handcraft our tools from carefully sourced materials like 100% plant-based acetate and natural beechwood, and design them to last a long time. Because we believe less is more, that buying better means buying less, and that we should only put things into the world when they’re truly essential. Take a look around and take your time. We’re so glad you’re here.