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Good People: Juliana Salazar

Creative Director and Stylist

Good People: Juliana Salazar

By Crown Affair

Meet Juliana Salazar, creative director, set designer, stylist— and one of our favorite people to follow on the world wide web. Her brain is a beautiful explosion of design-minded, colorful, classic references we love to scroll into. She's also one of our favorite people to grab a cup of coffee and hang with— which is exactly what we did on a a sunny, winter day this January in her neighborhood in the Lower East Side. We spent a few hours brainstorming in her apartment over cortados from her local coffee shop, Little Canal. Enjoy her interview, hopefully over a nice cup of coffee.

Shot by Vanessa Granda 

- What's your weekday morning routine look like?

Lately I’ve been leaving my phone in my kitchen so that I have to get up from my bed to turn off my alarm and can get straight into my day instead of snoozing. Once I'm out of bed, I start boiling some water with lemon and wash my face. I'll check e-mail and scroll through Instagram in between getting ready, but I’ve been challenging myself to not use my phone in the mornings until I’m ready to leave my house. 

- Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in Miami and have lived in New York for six and a half years. I just moved to the Lower East Side last year after a brief stint in Little Italy/Chinatown. Before that I was always in East Village and really love being back on the east side. 

- How do you describe what you do?

This question always gets me as I am constantly trying to think of a title that encapsulates it all. Depending on the client, sometimes I'm building out creative concepts for campaigns, I'll work on product development, sometimes it's a go-to-market strategy, other times styling. While I am foremost definitely an ideas person and love connecting the dots for people to make something (hopefully) really great, I’m also business minded. I think if you have both everything tends to mesh together. This past year I have also gotten into set design and really enjoy that more hands-on work.

- What does ritual mean to you? If you have any, can you share a few?

Ritual makes me think of Ray Dalio’s Principles. Although it’s not a ceremony, it is a consistent approach to your every day (or work) that ends up creating “rules” for how to best handle the things you have control over, and allows you to be really flexible and adapt easily when things don’t go as planned. As someone who works for themselves practicing consistency is something I really try to focus on as my days can get pretty chaotic really quickly.

Ritual, although it is not always a ceremony, is a consistent approach to your every day.

- Where do you get or find inspiration?

It usually starts visually (instagram, tumblr, pinterest) and if I get into a really good internet hole it almost always ends up with me ordering books on the subject or reading a million articles. I love to know everything about the images, places, people, etc., I’m drawn to.

- Who do you get your hair from?

Probably 75% dad, 25% mom

- How does your hair make you feel?

Stress free, now! I used to get frustrated when I was younger that I couldn’t curl my hair or really do anything besides let it be, but as I’ve gotten older, I like keeping it simple. I've embraced how it air dries, and love how low maintenance it is.

- Any major hair moments or memories in your life?

I had straight across bangs from age 4-16. Major traumatic memories of my mom cutting them way shorter than I liked. 

- What’s your current hair routine?

I’ve been trying to wash my hair less and less. Right now I love Christophe Robin’s Salt Shampoo Scrub. I alternate between the salt one and the rose one. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, but my hair is really fine so sometimes that's hard if I want to not look too oily at the roots. In between washes, I just started using Morocaan Oil’s dry shampoo. I am obsessed with the smell and it’s the first dry shampoo that I like (I used to only use baby powder). I'm learning to take better care of my hair— I used to aggressively brush my hair as a child and my mom scared me that it would fall out, so I comb or brush occasionally now.

- What would you tell your 18-year old self?

Be more intentional with your decisions, and take your time.

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