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All About Water

All About Water

By Crown Affair

Water is essentially the number one key to hair health (and physical health). The water you drink, the water you wash with, the water you swim in—it all matters. Here are a few ways to better maximize your hydration sources for healthier strands:


  • Rinse with cool water: If cold showers aren't your thing, you can shower at a normal temperature and rinse your hair in cool water at the end to lock in moisture and smooth strands.


  • Replace your shower head: A shower head filter can provide cleaner, more gentle water to prevent excessive frizz, dryness, and damage—try this one or this one.


  • Protect your strands: Before you swim in a pool or the ocean, protect your strands with The Oil. When you're done, rinse your hair and treat it with The Leave-In Conditioner.


  • Drink cleaner water: Use a high quality water filter that won't eliminate essential minerals and nutrients from your drinking water, but will remove pollutants. We recommend this one.


  • Drink more (clean) water: Hydrate from within! The amount will vary a bit depending on your lifestyle and other factors, but everyone should drink at least about a glass of water every hour. Your body will thank you, and you'll see the difference in your hair.