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Always Growing

Always Growing

By Crown Affair

Experiencing hair loss or severe hair damage is challenging for anyone. It can feel incredibly difficult, shameful, and downright overwhelming. There’s a huge market for hair growth solutions that promise fast results. So it can be tempting to opt for something like getting extensions, in order to remedy the loss or damage quickly. But, oftentimes these fast-fixes don’t actually solve the problem and they may even cause more harm overtime. 

Above all else, we recognize that this is a deeply personal experience and the path to re-growth should be treated as such. Your hair’s health mirrors your overall health. To begin your personal growth journey, take note of what’s going on with you and your body. Are you getting enough sleep, water, daily movement, and vitamin-rich foods? Do you have a strong immune system or do you easily get sick? Is your job, relationship, or environment causing you lots of stress? Do you have a regular self-care ritual that helps calm your mind and give you a sense of groundedness? 

Because your hair is a reflection of your health, it’s crucial to first prioritize your health, both physically and mentally. Your process of re-growth can provide you with an opportunity to re-engage with different areas in your life that you may have neglected. Try getting more rest, cooking fresh and nutrient-packed meals at home, taking daily walks outside and breathing in the fresh air, giving your scalp a gentle massage in the shower, or starting a gratitude journal practice. When it comes to your hair’s health, there is no overnight fix. Be patient and kind to yourself as you build your personalized process to regrowth.


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