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On Balance

On Balance

By Crown Affair

We think a lot about balance at our office. When it comes to haircare, we see balance as key for loving your hair and taking care of it. Rather than preaching strict rules for healthy hair, we want to provide realistic guidance for achieving your healthiest hair. That means being ok with using heat tools as long as you’re using a protective treatment first, coloring your hair but using a conditioning mask to offset the effects, and knowing you may eventually damage your hair but you’ll prevent it everywhere you can. 

Balance is even more important when it comes to our personal lives. As a founder, I’m tempted to be on and work 24/7, but I’m constantly reminding myself to tune into what my body is telling me and turn off when necessary. When I find myself working too much or feeling burnt out, I lean into my personal rituals like writing in my Five Minute Journal in the morning, brushing my hair before bed, foam rolling, and all the other things that make me feel most whole, but it’s something I have to actively do. 

I like to remind myself of traditional balancing scales—they’re so delicate and easy to tip one way or the other. You have to constantly monitor them and ensure you’re giving each side equal weight as you add new things. The same goes for balance in life. It’s up to all of us to take a closer look at what’s on our scales, and which direction they’re tipping, so we can reset if needed. Whether it’s work, life, or caring for our hair, it’s all a constant balancing act. — Dianna Cohen 

Peter Alexander ‘Cube with Green Sphere’ (1967)