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Build Your Ritual: The Guide

Build Your Ritual: The Guide

By Crown Affair

Your haircare journey is deeply unique and personal to you—and we encourage you to take control of what works best for your individual needs. So we’re introducing Build Your Ritual, a new way to curate your own hand-picked bundle of three products. To help you get started, we rounded up some of our team’s own favorite pairings. From our rituals to yours. Read on for more—and simply click the name of the ritual that speaks to you to automatically build it: 


The Fundamentals

We all start somewhere. Here’s a solid foundation for an upgraded haircare routine: The Towel, The Oil, The Comb No. 001.


Wash Day Essentials

Everything you need for cleansed, well-hydrated hair, and a great-looking air dry: The Ritual Shampoo, The Ritual Conditioner, The Cleansing Scrub.


Hydration Heroes

Our most deeply hydrating and nourishing formulas, to lock in moisture and protect strands all day: The Renewal Mask, The Leave-In Conditioner, The Oil.


Scalp Treatment Trio

Three steps to a more comfortable scalp, and healthier hair as a result: The Ritual Shampoo, The Cleansing Scrub, The Brush No. 001.


No-Wash Day Saviors

Skip a day—or three. Here’s how to keep strands looking fresh in the meantime: The Brush No. 002, The Dry Shampoo, The Scrunchie No. 001.


Weekly Spa Day

Make a spa out of your home shower with our deepest cleanser, most nourishing hydrator and a classic wide tooth comb to detangle with: The Cleansing Scrub, The Renewal Mask, The Comb No. 002.


Build Your Ritual now—all for 15% off.