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From Afar

From Afar

By Crown Affair

This holiday season differs from those that came before for many reasons, not the least that we won’t be able to celebrate with our friends and family in person. So the challenge becomes finding ways to connect with our loved ones from afar – and show them how much we care. 

There’s more power in giving thoughtfully, rather than for the sake of the giving season, than we realize. Research on generosity and the significance of giving has appeared in Harvard studies and books alike. At any age, in any condition, giving has the power to not only heal others but to heal within ourselves, according to Stephen Post’s book, Why Good Things Happen to Good People

These gifts can be how we stay connected, however big or small, but with so much gifting being done online, how can we ensure that personal touch is still there? One way is to shop small local businesses either from your town or your friend’s. Another is making a gift by hand. But nothing can replace a good old fashioned phone call, FaceTime, or handwritten letter. After all, it’s the thought that counts.