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Gifting with... Ashley Lennon

Gifting with... Ashley Lennon

By Crown Affair

Today we're Gifting With... Ashley Lennon. Ashley is one of the brilliant minds behind @museumofpeaceandquiet, the contemporary label that's become a go-to for the Crown Affair team as we surround ourselves with fewer, better things that bring us comfort and joy this year. Swing over to stories as we dive into what the thoughtful creative will be gifting this season...

Gifting with... Ashley Lennon

- Golde Original Turmeric Latte Blend

Every year, I curate an herb and spice basket for my dad that includes all my year-to-date favorites! This year, I’m gifting my dad Golde's Original Turmeric blend.

I always incorporate turmeric (his favorite spice!) and Golde has made it so tasty easily digestible.

Gifting with... Ashley Lennon

- The Scrunchie No. 001

For my scrunchie-loving bestie, I am excited to gift the Scrunchie No. 001.

It's such a silky, minimal dream!

Gifting with... Ashley Lennon

- Byredo Mojave Ghost Parfum

Who doesn’t love a little aromatic therapy? I’m gifting my husband Byredo's Mojave Ghost Parfum, only because this gift to him is also a gift for me ;)

With desert notes and hints of sandalwood, we can pretend we’re at our favorite place in the desert.

Gifting with... Ashley Lennon

- Bearaby Cotton Napper

Sending my mom hugs from a distance with the Weighted Blanket from Bearaby.

If you’re wondering about the science behind it, the pressure from the extra weight mimics a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation.

It's perfect for lounging and sleeping at home while relaxing the nervous system.

Gifting with... Ashley Lennon

- Museum of Peace & Quiet Wordmark Sweats Black

The moment we were launching our new fleece program with Museum of Peace & Quiet, I immediately thought about gifting a sweatpant set to my Mother-in-Law.

She loves being cozy and that’s what our sweat suits strive to be TBH!