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Hair Growth

Hair Growth

By Crown Affair

If you have ever researched how to grow your hair faster, you’ll find a laundry list of Google search results that include some interesting self remedies like doing a daily handstand or gently pulling your hair to medical treatments like taking minoxidil (the main ingredient in Rogaine) or hormone replacement therapy. The list of potential hair growth treatments is long and overwhelming. It’s also broad and impersonal. So before you dive too deep, know that your hair growth starts from within. 

Ultimately, your hair is a reflection of your health and your personal make up. This includes your hormones, your diet and your genetics. There are also some external factors like your hair’s level of damage due to heat from blow drying, flat ironing and dying. If you are wondering why your hair won’t grow faster, take a holistic inventory of what is going on with your body first. What are your daily stress levels? Are you eating vitamin-rich foods? Do you use harmful products and tools? 

We practice these daily, holistic rituals to nourish ourselves from the inside out. Give yourself a scalp massage with your fingertips to activate the dermis layer of your skin which contains your hair follicles, glands, nerves, fibers, and fat cells. Eat foods that are rich in biotin, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, iron, and omega-3 and omega-6. Try taking a cold shower for a few minutes as cold water prevents moisture loss of your hair and improves circulation. Stay away from hair products that are loaded with harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. To dry your hair, use a microfiber towel to avoid breakage. 

We think about hair growth as a journey of self reflection and patience. There’s a strong connection between what we put in our bodies and our hair’s health. So if you’re experiencing hair loss or unusual thinning, we encourage you to discuss with your doctor or a trichologist. Be gentle, be kind and be patient with yourself as hair growth is a journey, not something that will happen overnight. 

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