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Hello to two!

Hello to two!

By Crown Affair

Crown Affair was born two years ago today as a new vision for haircare. My dream was to shape a universe rooted in care by creating luxurious, daily rituals with clean and effective formulas that would transform the health of your hair, and in turn, your relationship to it.

Toward the end of this past year year, we reflected on the things we'd accomplished and celebrated our wins. Now we're looking forward: to an exciting new future, alongside an amazing team and community. We have much more to come—some of it very, very soon (please stay tuned!).

The past two years have been a remarkable journey building and growing as a community. It sounds cliché, but none of this would be possible without you. You're the reason why we started, and you're the reason we keep going. It's been inspiring and humbling to see you incorporate Crown Affair into your daily rituals and we feel so much gratitude when we hear how the things we've made have changed your hair. So here's to you. Let's keep growing together.

Take care, always.