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Make Wash Day Last

Make Wash Day Last

By Crown Affair

We’re huge advocates of cherishing your wash day ritual, and making time to truly care for your hair—even if it means adding a few extra minutes to your routine. However, we know that wash day can be strenuous, and it’s not always feasible to carve out the time. Instead, here are some tips to make that extra-special wash last just a little longer:


Keep Dry Shampoo Close:

The Dry Shampoo will be your best friend in between wash days. As oil and grease build up, you can apply as needed throughout the day to replicate that refreshed, just-washed feeling. The brush application makes it super easy to target any areas of your scalp that may be extra oily. 


Try A Slicked-Back Style:

Keep your hair up! Getting it off your neck will help keep sweat and oil at bay, especially in the summer. Also, it’s a perfect opportunity to embrace second- or third-day grease and slick hair back into a tight bun. 


Use A Weekly Deep Treatment:

If you’re going to be sparing with your wash days, make sure you’re doing a deep cleanse and condition when you do wash. The Cleansing Scrub and The Renewal Mask are perfect for a weekly treatment—they’ll repair and strengthen your strands so they can withstand less frequent washing.


Maximize Your Hydration:

Once you’ve done a deep clean in-shower, you can use The Leave-In Conditioner on damp hair to lock in moisture to last throughout the day. You can also touch up dry hair as needed to make sure your ends aren’t drying out between wash days. 

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