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Massage Your Scalp

Massage Your Scalp

By Crown Affair

We’ve said it before—healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Your scalp ages faster than the skin on any other part of your body, so it’s extra important to give it the care it needs. One of the most effective, and easiest, ways to do so is with a scalp massage. 

The benefit of a scalp massage is that it stimulates the hair follicles, which in turn promote healthy hair growth over time and can even result in fuller, thicker strands. It also helps ease tension and relax your scalp, the same way a shoulder massage would ease tension in your back and shoulders. Additionally, it loosens any buildup or debris at the root so that they can be washed out easily—leaving you with a cleaner, more comfortable crown.

This can be done in the comfort of your home and only takes a couple minutes. You can use a specialized tool, but the pads of your fingers will work just fine. Or, use The Brush No. 002’s wooden pins—they double as a massaging tool! Use small, circular motions and if you’re using your fingers, make sure you’re not using your nails, which can be harsh on your scalp. You can also do this in-shower using The Cleansing Scrub, formulated with extra-fine salt granules so that you can gently exfoliate while also cleansing your scalp. 

Domenico Gnoli, 1960s