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Mindful Applications

Mindful Applications

By Crown Affair

We are all about using only the best materials and ingredients to craft our products. But beyond the physical products themselves, we’re resolute in the ways in which we use and apply them to our hair. We practice mindful application. 

Mindfulness is an accessible technique, with ancient roots in Buddhism, intended to shift your thoughts aways from typical distractions. Being mindful drops you into the current moment, with a greater sense of awareness, more perspective, and even more gratitude. Being mindful helps you focus your attention to what is happening in the current moment, accepting exactly where you are at without attachment or judgements. That’s why we believe in rituals with mindful application of the products you use to tend to your hair’s health. 

We encourage you to put mindful application into practice. The next time you run a brush through your hair or replenish with a mask, set a simple intention. Your intention can be as simple as, “I relish in these moments I have to myself.” Your intention grounds you in the present moment. And being present, fully in the moment, has been proven to make people happier, more at peace, and less anxious. Being intentionally mindful, even in how you apply products to your hair, creates a greater capacity for you to handle any situation that life throws at you. Treat your mindful application ritual as an opportunity to get a little extra “me time” that you won’t be anywhere else.