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Protect Your Strands

Protect Your Strands

By Crown Affair

There’s a guiding principle we follow when it comes to hair care: protect your strands as if they were silk. The reason? Much like the luxurious material, your hair is made up of delicate fibers that can be prone to breakage or damage if mistreated. By caring for you hair the same way you would a silk garment, you’ll fortify the integrity and improve the health of your strands

Silk, which was first harvested in China thousands of years ago, is one of the softest, and most sought-after fabrics in the world. Composed by natural proteins, the textile can produce a shimmering effect because of the angular, prism-like structure of the fibers. Silk’s natural fibers are strong, yet delicate, so the textile is vulnerable to harsh chemicals and high heat. Like your strands, silk must get the special treatment to uphold it’s naturally beautiful qualities.  

Incorporating high quality products into your daily routine has the power to shift your mood and boost your confidence. That’s why we’re on a mission to design and produce products with amazing, silk-like quality. There’s a deep connection between how we treat our hair and how we feel about ourselves. So when it comes to protecting your strands, keep our guiding principle in mind.

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