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Good People: Puno

Founder of ilovecreatives

Good People: Puno

By Crown Affair

Meet Puno, founder and brilliant mind behind some of our favorite tools: ilovecreatives, Peoplemap, and madewithmap. Some (read: our founder) might call her the Emma Stone of all clever internet things— truly, everything she builds comes with a healthy serving of fun and wit. Whether she's teaching a squarespace or photoshop course, or educating the world on the POModomo technique with our favorite pup, pomeraians, in tow, Puno adds a punch of humor into her storytelling, and we're here for it. Big time. 

We got to spend an afternoon adventuring around her neighborhood of Downtown LA, and let's just say: we'd like to do this with her every day if we could. So go ahead, take a stroll though Puno's brain and neighborhood, we hope you stop by her other internet homes as well. 

Shot by Ben Biondo in Los Angeles, CA

- What's your weekday morning routine look like?

I get a wake-up call from my cat, Muad’Dib around 7AM. Lately, she likes to lay on my chest in between my boobs. Jerry Seinfeld splashes water on his face so I do that too. I’ll either go to a class or I’ll do exercise videos I find on YouTube. Loving K-POP cardio.

- Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas and now live in Downtown Los Angeles.

- How do you describe what you do?

I am the founder of ilovecreatives. 

- What does ritual mean to you? If you have any, can you share a few?

Ritual usually makes me think of self-care or something with a lot of tiny candles. Every day I put on a cat-eye. It’s still tough to do even after 18 years, but once I get it… mm! Snap snap snap! I also love watching anything that is uplifting and makes me cry.

- Where do you get or find inspiration?

Conversations with strangers.

- Who do you get your hair from?

My mom!

- How does your hair make you feel?

When it’s long and is just under my boob, I feel really pretty.

- Any major hair moments or memories in your life?

When I was about to graduate college, I went on a job interview and the counselor suggested that I dress more professional. I ended up cutting all my hair off and had a faux hawk.

- What's your current hair routine?

Good conditioner, The Oil, sometimes a serum over and then serum again after I curl it a little with a straightener. The Oil has been a game changer, I use 4 drops after the shower and it traps in the moisture. I'll use 2-4 drops on my hair after it's styled.  I used to use a lot of sprays, I’m loving the long, shiny look these days.

- What would you tell your 18-year old self?


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