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The Power of Scent

The Power of Scent

By Crown Affair

We’ve all experienced catching a breeze of a familiar scent and instantly being transported to another place, reminded of other people, or recalled a special time in our lives. That’s because scent and memory are directly linked in our bodies, with smells being processed through our brain’s olfactory bulb, then passed through our amygdala and hippocampus, which process memory and emotion. 

Unlike touch or sight, scent is the only sense that travels such a path, so its effects can feel even more powerful. For this reason, it’s common that a person might smell something that feels familiar, but they can’t remember why. Scents are so deeply ingrained in our memories that even if we forget what they remind us of, the trigger will still appear.

Certain scents are also said to impact our moods, helping us relax, wake up, or relieve anxiety, so it’s important to remember what we surround ourselves with externally can impact us internally. We thought a lot about this while creating our signature scent, something we wanted to be light but noticeable that would evoke a sense of relaxation and care. The result is a combination of bergamot, which is said to relieve anxiety; yuzu, a calm, soothing scent; and lemongrass, which is bright, fresh, and happy. 

Since scent and memory are so closely linked, some people will select a unique fragrance for a special occasion, like a wedding, vacation, or holiday. While a calming shower might not qualify as such a momentous occasion, we do hope the scents in your shower help you feel calm and whole, and maybe one day will remind you of time you took to self-soothe and take care.

Photo by Emil Dervish and Evgeniy Bulatnikov