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Rituals With... Bobbi Brown

Rituals With... Bobbi Brown

By Crown Affair

Meet the legendary Bobbi Brown. The iconic beauty brand founder gives us a peek into her world by reflecting on the conception of Bobbi Brown to how she still stays mission driven. Bobbi shares the evolution of her latest venture Jones Road Beauty - a representation of how Bobbi views beauty with simple products that make you feel your best. We love Bobbi’s simple approach to integrating daily rituals that work for your everyday, and we know you will too.

- Where are you based? Where do you feel the most at home?

I’m based in Montclair, New Jersey but spend time all over. Between my husband, our three sons, daughter in law, fiance, nephew, and five dogs, we can make anywhere feel like home— it’s the company that matters.

- As someone who requires no introduction, how would you best introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Bobbi.

- Where are you drawing inspiration from lately?

Everywhere— from the people I meet, to the stories I hear, and what’s happening in our world.

- You arrived in New York with an amateur makeup portfolio and no clients. If you opened that portfolio today, what would you think? Did it properly represent who you were and where you’d end up in beauty?

It definitely wouldn’t represent where I’d end up. Funnily enough, my style hasn't changed— I always focused on a blended makeup look, which didn’t exist years ago.

- Your first line of ten lipsticks, the conception of Bobbi Brown, was subtle; with shades that didn’t scream but were instead wearable. Has your take on that early mission changed or evolved? Was it difficult to advocate for given its uniqueness at the time?

The way I started is not the way I ended. There became too many cooks in the kitchen, which is why I so happily launched Jones Road Beauty. My mission was simple— clean, cool makeup that’s simple and makes you look and feel best.

- When growing a business, how do you stay true to your original mission?

It’s pretty simple. Stick to what you know is right for your brand.

- Jones Road Beauty is your most recent company for clean no-makeup makeup. Can you share why you created it, and how it speaks to your past up to now?

Jones Road is a reflection of how I view beauty— simple products that make you actually look and feel your best.

- Makeup is a highly saturated category in beauty with very few true experts like yourself. When creating Jones Road Beauty, what was the most important thing to distinguish from other no-makeup style brands?

Jones Road Beauty is based off my aesthetic and lifestyle. I wanted to create products that allow people to learn and understand how the right product makes the biggest difference.

- What does ritual mean to you?

Life habits that work for your everyday.

- What are some of the rituals that you practice and that ground you?

In the morning, before my espresso and MCT oil, I drink two glasses of water with either lemon or electrolytes. Also, my Sunday night baths and any kind of pampering, reorganizing, and recharging.

- Where do you get your rituals from?

I act with intuition and rituals to me are the things I’ve tried that work. 

- How would you describe your hair?

My hair is pretty much the same style as I wore in 7th grade: parted in the middle and below my shoulders. It goes from a little too dark to a little too light. If only I still had my seventh grade color.

- How do you take care of your hair?

I spend a lot of time at the salon coloring my grays. I shampoo and condition daily, which is probably too much, and air dry, unless I’m being photographed.  I always use my favorite Crown Affair hairbrush, and treat myself to the Renewal Mask on Sundays. 

- Have you had a major hair moment or do you have a major hair memory?

I have many.  In 7th grade, I knew I wanted to look like Ali MacGraw in Love Story, until I saw Demi Moore in Ghost and cut all my hair off. Then, the perm phase…. Not my best. And now my hair is always the same— sometimes with beach waves and sometimes straight.

- What would you tell your 18-year old self knowing what you know today?

Stop sleeping on frozen juice cans! However your hair dries is how it should be.