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Rituals with... Morgan Wisted

Rituals with... Morgan Wisted

By Crown Affair

Meet Morgan Wisted. Where to start? She’s pursuing a second degree in interior architecture and design, running a blog, and curating it all along the way. Morgan dropped a note in our inbox, we scrolled through her page, read her story, and knew we needed to know more about her hair care and hair loss journey. We’re so grateful to share it with you, too.

- Where do you live and what do you do?

I live in Nashville, TN. I’m currently back in school pursuing a second degree! This time around I’m studying interior architecture and design at Belmont University and working at Hastings Architecture. 

Rituals with... Morgan Wisted
Rituals with... Morgan Wisted

- Pick a story, quote, art piece, or whatever feels right that you think best describes you.

Unsurprisingly, I’m going with architecture and design for this one :)  I am hugely into the work of Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich and feel like one of their most famous projects, The Barcelona Pavilion, best describes me...or what I aim to be. The pavilion is built from glass, steel, and four different kinds of marble - simple, natural, and timeless. One of the most celebrated aspects of the design is Mies and Lilly’s use of raw marbles as statement pieces. They let the natural material wow on its own, the fixtures and furniture were there simply to accentuate. 

That’s how I want to move through my life, by focusing on the natural wonders and not cluttering them with the unnecessities. By being grateful for every organic moment of joy and not searching for flash or flair.   

Rituals with... Morgan Wisted

- How would you describe your hair?

I mean this is the most loving way, but it is extremely average! My hair has a natural wave and a very medium texture. I only dye it once a year - usually in December - with an organic, deep chocolate brown dye so as of now it is still a medium-to-deep chocolate brown. Usually, around the summer it naturally lightens up! 

Rituals with... Morgan Wisted

- How does your hair make you feel?

I feel such deep gratitude for it; every split-end, every piece that won’t curl, every greasy strand (where you at CA Dry Shampoo!). From about 2011 to 2016 my hair was ⅓ blonde and ⅔ black – think Cruella DeVil with a side part! My hair was my defining characteristic and, to a fault, my entire personality. I was truly known and recognized because of my hair - especially on my small college campus. To make a long story short, after my first undergrad experience I decided to dye it all one color and shed what I had been known for so long. Around this same time, I developed an autoimmune issue and began losing my hair. I was constantly having my scalp injected with different steroids and put on medicines both topical and oral to solve the problem. 

It wasn’t until I took control of my own health and learned what I needed to do to nourish and treat my body that my hair finally started growing back. Since then, I am thankful for every piece of hair I have on my head and do all I can to treat my hair with love, compassion, and GOOD products. (For anyone interested, I have my full wellness journey on my blog!)     

Rituals with... Morgan Wisted

- What daily rituals do you lean into the most?

I don’t do caffeine, but lately one of my rituals has been a decaf iced oat milk latte. It’s the perfect pick-me-up, especially when it’s made at one of our many coffee shops in Nashville! We’re so coffee spoiled here! Otherwise, I lean into long walks. Usually about an hour on weekdays and up to two on the weekends. Not only is it an insane mood booster, but it’s invaluable being able to see others in the community as well. We’re all feeling a bit alone with COVID, so even being able to pass by, smile, and wave at someone walking by you feels like a treat for the soul. 

Rituals with... Morgan Wisted

- How often do you wash your hair?

About 3 times a week (usually every other day or sometimes every two days)

Rituals with... Morgan Wisted

- Knowing your hair story, how has The Dry Shampoo made a difference for you?

This product is a GAME CHANGER. When dry shampoo hit the shelves a few years back, we were all hyped up on the trend. What so many people, myself included, didn’t know was that all that aerosol gunk was clogging our hair follicles. This meant that our long glorious locks were getting strangled by low-quality dry shampoo particles and, in the worst cases, falling out because of it. That’s why we started seeing all these “Detox Shampoo” treatments hit the shelves because our scalps were so caked with dry shampoo and other hair products that our hair follicles were virtually closing in on themselves #gross. 

This dry shampoo is so special because it’s not only NOT aerosol (save the planet friends, it’s the only one we have), but it’s made out of all kinds of beautiful, wonderful, natural ingredients that don’t clog your hair follicle! I haven’t used dry shampoo since 2018, but I use this one now!