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Rituals With... Sarah Solinger

Rituals With... Sarah Solinger

By Crown Affair

For LA-based interior designer Sarah Solinger, inspiration comes in many forms: monochromatic ensembles, thoughtful product packaging, and pastel bouquets for days. We love following her for her dreamy interior shots and stunning personal style, but the more we explored her photos the more we wanted to learn more about the rituals and routines behind them. We recently got the answers to all of our questions and more when we chatted with Sarah; get to know the inspiring designer below.  

- Where do you live and what do you do?

I live in Los Angeles and I am a full time Content Creator with a formal background in Interior Design. I still take the occasional interior client, however, in the past year I have transitioned into creating content full time.

- How would you describe your hair?

I have naturally curly textured hair. It's very thick and a bit coarse, I used to hate my curls and straighten or curl my hair daily all throughout High School. Over the past 7+ years I've really learned to embrace and fall in love with my natural texture. I think it suits my face shape really nicely and much better than straight hair ever did. I typically air dry my hair and occasionally curl it when I feel like it's a bit flat. 

- How does your hair make you feel?

My hair makes me feel unique. I love how it's never exactly the same day to day. There are some days where I wish I had silky sleek effortless hair that I could just throw up in a bun without thought; but I find my hair texture has a different kind of effortless to it that I love as well. I truly do think your hair can change your entire look and I think taking care of it and keeping it healthy is extremely important. 

- Have you always felt this way about your hair or has it changed over time? 

My relationship with my hair has definitely evolved over time. As I've grown up and become more of an adult I've really learned to embrace my natural self in many aspects with my hair being one of them. Not only do I style it less and use less heat in general on it but I also have completely stopped dyeing my hair as well. I've learned through lots of trial and error that my natural color really does suit me best and it also saves me money haha! 

- What is your current haircare routine?

My current haircare routine is pretty simple actually, I've definitely stripped it down over the years as well. If I'm feeling fancy I might use a scalp serum the night before to really care for my scalp health, lately I've been using the one from Dr. Barbara Sturm. I always wash my hair in the morning because sleeping on wet curls or curls in general is a big no from me. I'll hop in the shower and depending on the day do a scalp scrub, I love the one from Ouai. Then I'll shampoo and either condition or use a hair mask. I'm not too particular about my shampoo and conditioner, I like trying all kinds, but currently I've been using the ones from Drunk Elephant and if I use a hair mask I use the Gisou one. I'll let the conditioner or hair mask sit in my hair while I shave and then rinse it out. I only use three products post shower in the following order, hair oil, light hold curling gel and wave spray. I love the Crown Affair oil, it's really softening and helps with taming my frizz not to mention it smells almost exactly like the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume that takes me back to middle school. I've been using the curling gel from Deva Curl for years now, it's a ride or die for me. I alternate wave sprays but I would say the one from Ouai or Gisou are my current faves. 

- What other daily rituals do you lean into most?

I have a few daily rituals for myself to improve my overall quality of life. The first one being snuggles with my cat, olive, every morning. Secondly, I love my morning matcha routine. There's something so therapeutic about the measuring, sifting and whisking of the matcha that just puts me in a good mood. In the evening, especially now that it's getting colder and darker, I love lighting multiple candles around my home to create a cozy and warm feeling. I've also lately gotten really into routinely buying fresh flowers for my home as I feel they really liven up the space and make me happy. I've decided I prefer them over plants, aesthetics wise. 

- What are your favorite holiday rituals? And how will you keep them alive this year? 

I know it's a weird year, but the holidays are truly my favorite time of year. This year will be a bit different for me and my family as it's the first year we'll be spending the holidays up in Portland instead of the Bay Area where I'm from. My favorite Holiday ritual is going to cut down our christmas tree from the forest the day after Thanksgiving. We're definitely planning on still doing this this year and I'm excited to find a new place in the Portland area to go to! We typically go in the morning and then spend the afternoon decorating the tree and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas to get in the spirit. The Charlie Brown films are a staple in my family, we watch them every year and they bring me so much nostalgic joy. 

- You seem like you choose amazing gifts, we'd love to hear about your gift ideas! What are you planning to give the below?

- Your family – 

Given the year I think we're all just really happy to be able to spend time all together. I think we'll probably keep the gifts light this year, maybe just one thoughtful gift per person. I think the best gifts are items that you would get a lot of use out of but don't necessarily want to spend your own money on. I love shopping at the real real for my mom, I think they have so many beautiful gently worn pieces that make for great gifts. 

- your best friend – 

I personally think one of the best gifts for your friends is a luxury scented candle. Some people might think that's boring but I genuinely LOVE when anyone buys me a nice Le Labo, Aesop or Byredo candle. Since they're a bit pricey I know people are less likely to buy them for themselves and they really just add something to your home. I also think a good body or hair care gift set, a giftcard to their favorite online store or a beautiful home decor item is always well received. 

- Your significant other – 

My boyfriend is very creative, he is a tattoo artist and also works in fashion. Jewelry is always a great gift idea for any significant other because it's something most people don't want to spend a lot of money on but simple everyday pieces should be nice quality so they won't tarnish. My boyfriend specifically loves vintage fashion and home decor, he also really loves art so a beautiful vintage Henri Matisse or Picasso book is always a great gift or a vintage vessel from Etsy. 

- Yourself – 

For myself, I think in general investing in self care and your home are the number one things you should spend money on right now if you have any extra cash to spare. I appreciate having beautiful hair and skincare products in my life that make me feel good and look my best. As an Interior Designer by trade, I think your home is the most important investment, especially given we're all staying home a lot more this year. It's where you live, eat, create memories, relax, fall in love, etc. it should make you feel calm and happy. Choose your decor thoughtfully, it doesn't have to be expensive, it just needs to reflect you as a person. I will probably invest in some lovely vintage books this season for my home and maybe I'll finally pay to get my art framed and hung haha!