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Scalp Massage 101

Scalp Massage 101

By Crown Affair

If you’ve ever gotten full body tingles from a pre-cut shampoo at the salon, you’re well aware of the physical benefits of scalp massage. When we massage our scalps, we stimulate many sensitive nerves that can calm our nervous system, reduce the levels of stress hormones in our body, lower blood pressure, and even help us sleep. Research also suggests scalp massages can alleviate the pain and frequency of tension headaches.   

Of course, scalp massages are essential for hair health as well. In order to have healthy hair, we need a healthy scalp, meaning one that’s free of clogged pores, dry skin, and other debris. Massaging our scalps naturally exfoliates them and increases blood flow, which some claim has helped their hair grow both thicker and longer. 

Our favorite part? Scalp massages can easily be done at home. To start, find a comfortable position and use your fingers (with or without oil) to lightly massage in circular motions across your entire head. Finish by using a tool (our preferred is The Comb No. 001) from the front of your head to the nape of your neck. Scalp massages can last anywhere from 5-20 minutes, so take your time and listen to what feels best for you. 

Laura Knight 'The Coil of Hair' detail (1877-1970) via @thehairhistorian

- Where do you live and what do you do?

I live in Bushwick, NY, and I am the founder and CEO of emerging beauty brand, Ami Colé.

Scalp Massage 101

- How would you describe your hair?

My hair is a recent friend of mine. She's fully transitioned from relaxed to ever-changing 4C, low-porosity hair. My hair is demanding– time, product, energy, arm muscle strength– but she's beautiful to me.

Scalp Massage 101

- How does your hair make you feel?

Bountiful. My hair's thickness and versatility remind me that I am limitless. My hair can hold braids, weaves, combs, and so many stories & secrets. I feel proud when I finally nail a hairstyle and understand her (my hair's) language. It took some time to get here.

Scalp Massage 101

- Have you always felt this way about your hair or has it changed over time?

Nope. It took some time for me to grow a relationship with my hair. Prior to transitioning to all-natural, my hair was always managed by someone else; usually my Dominican hair stylist every other week for a "wash and set". And when I have braids, my mother or one of her hair stylists would braid, twist, or weave my hair.

It took some alone time with my hair – in the shower and beyond – to have this relationship. We're in a good place now. So much so, when I go to stylists I remind them how my hair wants to be treated, for example detangled from the tips down to the root vs. from the scalp to tips.

Scalp Massage 101

- What is your current haircare routine?

Oh boy. Do we have time? It all starts with wash day. This happens usually on a Sunday when I've mentally prepared for the start of a new week.

I start by sectioning my hair into 4 parts. I like to use clips or scrunchies to hold but not pull my hair. I brush through each section with the intention of detangling. When my hair is super dry, I use oil during this step. I then step into the shower and wash my hair by section. I stretch my hair downward to focus and massage my roots clean and treat my scalp – shampooing like the commercials leaves my hair tangled and shrunken.

After shampooing, section by section, I condition. I let my conditioner sit in my hair while the steam works its magic. It's a golden moment for low-porosity hair. While it penetrates, I usually treat my body to a scrub. I then take my Crown Affair Comb No. 001 to comb through my conditioned strands from root to end. This comb has fallen so many times but never broken (we're friends).

After all this, I apply a leave-in conditioner and oil immediately before my hair shafts closes – this locks in the moisture and oil. I usually stretch my hair with an amazing blow dryer brush from Amazon. When it's dry, I add oil and styling butter to twirl or braid my hair. When it's twist out day, I undo my twists to reveal and fluff my fro. This happens every two weeks.

Scalp Massage 101

- What other rituals do you lean into the most?

Laughing. Talking to my boyfriend. Catching up with my best friends. Using my Calm App to meditate in the mornings. Playing with beauty products.