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Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts

By Crown Affair

Do you ever get to that point during the week where you know it’s time to wash your hair but you just don’t feel like it? For some reason, washing your hair feels like a pain, another “to do” that you need to check off the list. We all know that feeling. 

That’s why we are reframing our thoughts on washing our hair from one of out of obligation to an experience of sacred self care. What if washing your hair was something you looked forward to? A personal experience that allows you to connect with yourself, one-on-one, without the distraction of group chats, Slack messages, or news updates. 

Reconsider your shower thoughts the next time you need to wash your hair. Design a mindful self-healing experience. Start by choosing the right time of day for you. Then create a relaxing mood by incorporating ambient or natural lighting, turn on a relaxing playlist, and use consciously-made shower products on your body and hair. Once you apply your shampoo, give yourself a soothing massage by pressing your fingertips into your scalp and move in small circles across your entire scalp. Intentionally use this time to meditate, practice positive self-talk, find gratitude for what you have, and then finish by letting go of whatever you need to release. Transform the obligation of washing your hair into a mindful experience you crave. 

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