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Sun and Your Strands

Sun and Your Strands

By Crown Affair

While spring is a time for renewal and relaxation, summer can often feel fast-paced and high spirited. Trips are booked, pool days planned... all while the sun beats down overhead. On-the-go like this, it can be easy to neglect much needed self-care rituals. But if you can only take time for one thing, make it this: When the sun is shining for the longest, and at its warmest, make sure you’re taking the right steps to ensure your hair is protected from its powerful rays. Here are a few ways to do just that:


  • Mindful Washes: You may feel like washing more often during the summer, as you’re out more during the day. Use a light, gentle shampoo that your hair can handle daily, as well as a dry shampoo in between washes to refresh and absorb extra oils. 

  • UV control: Make sure to apply sunscreen on your scalp (a healthy scalp = healthy strands), or wear a hat for maximum coverage. Use hair products with UV protection, or run your hands through your hair after applying sunscreen to your body.

  • Protect from chlorine/saltwater: Apply a leave-in conditioner before going into water; this creates a barrier so that chemicals won’t stay on your hair, as well as provides extra moisture so your strands won’t dry out.

  • Trim your hair: Getting regular trims is the best way to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible, especially when gearing up to combat heat and dryness going into summer. 

  • Lean into air dry/heatless styles: Your hair is more prone to dryness in the summer, so it’s best to use as little extra heat on it as possible. Air dry as much as you can, or style in a looser braid or heatless curls. 

  • Gently detangle: Use a wide tooth comb to detangle at the beach or pool; this will cause the least breakage as your strands are most vulnerable when wet.

  • Deep condition: To fight dryness from the sun, make sure you are using a deep conditioning treatment once a week, such as The Renewal Mask, to ensure your strands stay at an ideal hydration level.