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Meet The Complete Ritual. An all-in-one, everyday care for your scalp and strands.

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Everything we make is created with you in mind. We formulate, design, and craft using the best ingredients, most experienced makers, and incredible scientists from around the world. Our products are clean and effective and our tools are made to last. Each works to restore your hair’s natural balance so it can look and feel its best all the time, and your routines can become something more: rooted in the joy of ritual.


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The Complete Ritual

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This is the conclusive all-in-one Crown Affair collection: our most loved product formulas and handcrafted tools that work together to restore balance to your hair. By gently nourishing, hydrating, and healing your scalp and strands, this all-encompassing (pre-shower, in-shower, and post-shower) ritual promotes growth and reintroduces your hair to its most naturally healthy, best-looking self—for good.

The Complete Ritual Includes

How to use The Complete Ritual


Depending on your hair type, brushing dry prior to washing it helps to loosen the kinds of things you want to get rid of (dirt, skin, sweat, sebum, and product buildup) for a cleaner cleanse. Using The Brush No. 002, start at the crown of your head and work your way around in long, even strokes.


Thoroughly wet hair and work The Ritual Shampoo—just enough to cover your scalp in a thick lather—through strands and rinse to break down oils and buildup.

Follow with The Ritual Conditioner and a nice scalp massage. Apply to hair from mid-length to ends. Feel free to let it sit for 3-5 minutes for extra deep hydration.

Use The Comb to detangle with ease, then rinse thoroughly.

Swap in The Renewal Mask when you feel like you need it to nourish, deeply hydrate, and lock moisture in so it lasts.


Wrap and tuck The Towel around your hair for a quicker, gentler air dry.

Detangle with The Comb No. 002, then use a few drops of The Oil in damp hair for silky-soft hydration and shine.

On days you don’t wash or need extra volume, use The Dry Shampoo to refresh: Dip the brush into powder lightly and apply directly to your roots. Use fingers to further distribute product and repeat as necessary until desired look and feel are achieved.

Touch up with The Brush No. 002 and style with The Scrunchie No. 001 anytime.

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Brush dry hair before washing for a more thorough cleanse. Then work enough of The Ritual Shampoo to cover your scalp through your hair (no need to wash the ends—rinsing from the top will get them. Finish with The Ritual Conditioner to lock in moisture (and our signature scent). Swap in The Renewal Mask when you feel like you need it to nourish and deeply hydrate so moisture lasts.


Enjoy stepping out of the shower more. The Towel is super soft and perfectly sized for your hair. Wrap and tuck, leaving it to absorb moisture while you take care of your skin or drink your coffee. Then gently detangle damp strands with The Comb, finish with a few drops of The Oil, and let dry (no rush here).


Maintain the ritual on in-between days—refreshing with The Dry Shampoo when you need it, and sweeping hair into The Scrunchie No. 001 whenever, wherever.

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