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5 Ways to Style

5 Ways to Style

By Crown Affair

When it comes to styling, we’re all about having fun. The Finishing Gel & The Brush No. 003 make it easier than ever to put hair up, back, down—whatever your heart desires. Here are 5 different styles for some inspo using our most playful duo:


1. Sleek Tiered Braid

Section off your slicked back braid using our 3-pack of The Scrunchie No. 001—one on the top, one in the middle, and one to finish off at the bottom. 


2. Low Ballet Bun

Channel your inner ballerina—brush hair back into a low bun, using a little bit of gel to smooth any flyaways. Finish off your bun with The Clips to hold it perfectly in place. 

3. Elegant Top Knot

Sweep hair all the way up into a top knot for a poised look, and make it playful by adding The Scrunchie No. 002 to wrap around for a bit of extra fun. 

4. Double Scrunchie Braids

Two is better than one—double up your braids and let them fall in front of you so you can show off The Scrunchie No. 003 sitting pretty at both ends. 

5. Perfect Ponytail

A classic—slick hair into a medium-height pony, and show off your luscious locks. Top it off with any of our silk scrunchies and a pair of dangly statement earrings.