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Defining Clean Hair

Defining Clean Hair

By Crown Affair

There seems to be an endless amount of opinions about washing your hair. A quick Google search will present you with hundreds of thousands of articles on the topic alone. But since the intention of washing your hair is to clean it, have you ever taken a moment to think about what clean hair truly means for you? Do you listen to what your hair is actually telling you or do you follow the practices that you’ve been conditioned to follow?

Consider this, most shampoos and conditioners have unfortunately evolved away from their original purpose in order to scale and reach a mass number of consumers. Over time, shampoos have become more like a detergent rather than a cleanser as they’re packed with harmful chemicals, such as sulfates, that shouldn’t be absorbed into your body. While traditional shampoos produce that lathering effect that we’ve all grown to associate with cleanliness, those same harmful ingredients strip your scalp and strands. That stripping causes an overproduction of natural oils to compensate and help protect your hair, which can then cause your hair to look greasy or flat. That’s the myth of the lather. Bigger suds aren’t better or cleaner. Further, we’ve been programmed to believe we must “repeat” the washing of our hair when in reality, the frequency in which you wash your hair should be entirely up to you.

You probably haven’t thought about shampoo and washing your hair this much before, and that’s okay. There is no time like the present. We’re keen on taking a step back from our daily routines to reflect on the ways we have always done things. Notice if you’re acting out of habit or with purpose, starting with washing your hair. Look into the ingredients listed in the products you use and take note of how those products impact your hair, your skin, and even your mood.  And when it comes to defining what clean hair means for you, give yourself the space to listen to your hair. Tap into what your hair and your body are telling you rather than following a regimented routine. Experience how your version of clean hair makes you feel. Develop a new perspective on what clean hair means for you.