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Fewer But Better

Fewer But Better

By Crown Affair

A good ritual doesn’t need to be complicated or have a million steps to it. It depends on your specific needs, but we’re of the mindset that less is more—especially when it comes to using high quality, truly effective products. With a simple, focused ritual, your hair gets everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Here’s our guide to paring down your care routine for the happiest, healthiest strands:


Invest in versatile formulas: Why have five when you can have one? Sometimes, one is just enough, and we pride ourselves on making products that benefit your hair in multiple different ways. Our Leave-In Conditioner is a great example—it’s a moisturizer, detangler, protector, curl definer, frizz preventer, and much more. 


Lean into the air dry: We know it can be hard to ditch heat styling completely—but even taking a break to let your hair breathe and dry naturally has huge benefits (and eliminates a few steps!). Air drying is intimidating if you don’t have the right tools, but The Towel is the perfect place to start, and it’s super gentle on your strands. 


Make a wash schedule: Plan your wash days, and figure out what frequency works best for your hair type. You may be washing more often than you need to, which means using more product in your hair and potentially stripping it of its healthy oils. If you wash daily, use a simple, clean shampoo and conditioner, such as The Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner—formulated for daily use. If you want a deeper wash, invest in a hair mask and scalp scrub, like The Cleansing Scrub and Renewal Mask, but only use these once a week. 

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