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Intuitive Haircare

Intuitive Haircare

By Crown Affair

As humans, we all have natural intuitive capabilities. Intuition is often described as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning or explanation. You can also think of your intuition as your instincts—an inner wisdom and sense of knowing that you can’t always put into words. And while some of us may be able to tap into our intuition more easily than others, we can at least all relate to having a “gut feeling” about something or someone. 

You can strengthen your inner guidance by getting still or silent. Intuitive pings are typically quiet, so it’s important to free yourself from distractions. Creating this quiet space helps you listen to what your body and emotions are telling you.  

We believe you can apply those same intuitive capabilities to your hair. In this way, you can practice intuitive haircare. How? Much like getting quiet to better listen to your intuition, you can tune into your hair by slowing down, ditching the unnecessary or harmful products, and observing how your hair responds and reacts. Let your hair air dry to notice the natural textures. If your ends are feeling dry, this could be your hair’s way of telling you it needs more hydration, (maybe adding in a few extra drops of oil). Or if your hair becomes easily greasy, your hair may be telling you it’s time to extend the time between washes and start using a mineral-based dry shampoo. Intuitive haircare starts with taking your time, creating a ritual, and allowing your hair to tell you what it needs.