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Meet: The Calming Scalp Serum

Meet: The Calming Scalp Serum

By Crown Affair

We believe that a healthy skin barrier at your scalp is vital to your hair’s overall health, but because it takes time to see the results of a healthy scalp, it’s a category that has often been overlooked in haircare. So we decided to make something that would be as easy to use as any other hair product—something you could incorporate into your everyday routine without having to change anything. 


The Calming Scalp Serum is your key to a healthy, hydrated scalp—formulated with active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, and Peppermint Oil, it works to help stimulate blood flow, combat inflammation, reduce redness or irritation caused by dryness, and to restore and maintain your scalp’s skin barrier. 


Just like any other part of your skin, your scalp can be prone to irritation, dryness, inflammation, flaking—you name it. Even if you’re not suffering on a daily basis, your scalp still needs proper care in order to maintain its health. This is because keeping the scalp’s protective skin barrier intact is vital for protection from the elements and proper absorption of essential nutrients. 

This is where the calming aspect comes into play: It starts with moisture retention, to help restore and maintain the scalp’s complex microbiome by keeping it well hydrated. Spraying The Serum across your roots will provide an instant feeling of calm and create an environment for long-lasting hydration and balance overall. In turn, you’ll not only see results at your scalp, but throughout the rest of your hair too.