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Post Shower Rituals

Post Shower Rituals

By Crown Affair

Wash day doesn’t have to be a chore—and we’re here to encourage you to indulge in your daily rituals. What are some of the things you do post-shower to treat yourself to a little luxury? We’ve got some suggestions if you need a place to start:


Do a hair (and face) mask: If you have a little extra time, treat yourself to a hair mask after you shower. Leave The Renewal Mask in for 30 minutes, and let your strands soak up the extra moisture. While you’re waiting, try a face mask as well—skincare and haircare all in one.


Take a bath: Why not finish off your shower by running a bath? Throw in some calming scented bath salts or a bath bomb, light a candle, and soak into full relaxation mode.


Dress your strands up: Your hair is dry, now what? Take it a step further and make your hair feel as cute as it is clean. Whether you’re taking on the day or getting ready for bed, tying your hair up with a silk scrunchie seals the deal (and it’s better for your strands).

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