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Stay in the Shade

Stay in the Shade

By Crown Affair

Summer is fun. Ice cream cones, surfing, beach days and soaking up the sun while you take meetings from your rooftop or backyard—the Vitamin D does you good and the warmth is pleasantly freeing. A major caveat though is that while the sun gives life, too much exposure is harsh for your hair, scalp, and overall health. Protection and prevention are key: here are all the best ways to stay safe while enjoying the heat all summer long. 



Who could have guessed. Hydration is such a huge part of hair health that it winds up on every list we make here—including this one. Make sure you bring enough drinking water with you whenever you’re spending time in the heat, and make sure you are consistently drinking it throughout the day. 


Cover Up

Pack a hat, a lightweight coverup for your body, and an umbrella so you can take breaks in the shade when you need them. 


Protect With Formulas

Heat can dry out and damage hair, so keep it protected using hydration and heat-protecting formulas—our signature Oil is made using Meadowfoam Seed Oil, which protects from heat naturally, while Tsubaki Seed Oil works to keep it hydrated in the dry weather. 



Your scalp is vulnerable to the sun and tends to get neglected more often than the rest of your skin. Hats can be great here, but if you’re going without, try Supergoop’s “Poof”—a mineral-based sunscreen for your scalp that also helps to prevent dandruff, thanks to the zinc oxide in the formula. 



If good drinking water is number one, healthful food is number two. Be sure to keep healthy, nutritious snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables with you whenever you’re spending long periods of time outdoors this season. 



Rest up! Sleep and relaxation are significant factors in your body's ability to protect itself and recover from exertion and exposure.