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Thank you.

Thank you.

By Crown Affair

A year ago this week, we launched Crown Affair with a new vision for haircare. In a category that has been primarily focused on professional lines and selling perfection, we wanted to reshape a new universe that was focused on care and creating luxurious, daily rituals at home.

Birthdays are usually a time for celebration, but in the spirit of taking our time to move towards greatness, I see this birthday as an opportunity for reflection.

We’ve been on a ride together this last year as we navigate the world at large, but ultimately it’s been a remarkable journey building and growing together as a community. We’ve connected with thousands of inspiring people like you about how your hair makes you feel, what rituals you practice, and which ones you’ve integrated into your daily life since discovering Crown Affair.

Thank you for being a part of our universe. It's because of you that we’ve been able to grow in such a meaningful way this year. Let’s keep growing together. 

Take care, always.