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The Going Out Checklist 

The Going Out Checklist 

By Crown Affair

Let the season of celebrating commence. Holiday parties, gatherings with friends, New Year’s celebrations—they’re all in our near future. We know you’re already planning an outfit in your head (and maybe a fun makeup look), so let us handle the haircare routine. Here’s our checklist on how to best prepare your hair for an evening out during the holidays:


Quick Rinse

Hop in the shower to start—no worries if it’s not a wash day, just rinse off your body. We’ve got everything to make your hair look and feel freshly cleaned (even if it isn’t).


Freshen Up

After drying off, brush out your hair and apply The Leave-In Conditioner to your strands (damp or dry!), and The Dry Shampoo to your scalp. You’ll have that just-blown-out feeling—without having to leave the house.


Dress Up

Complete the rest of your routine—skincare, makeup, outfit. Take a cute pic to remind yourself how good you look (and feel). 


Finishing Touches

The ultimate final step—spritz your strands all over with The Signature Scent, our hair (and safe-for-body) perfume. Throw the pocket-sized Comb No. 001 in your purse for touch-ups, and you’ve never been more ready to go.


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