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What’s Your Signature?

What’s Your Signature?

By Crown Affair

We all have something we’re known for within our families, friend groups and work circles. That thing that makes us uniquely ourselves, and that we’re indistinguishable without. These are our signature traits—and Crown Affair's newest signature arrives tomorrow. We asked our team members to share some of their own signatures: 

Anna, Senior Editorial Manager

My signature is that I talk about my cat way too much.


Rachel, Marketing Coordinator (Community)

My signature dinner is pasta, I eat it almost daily—the spicier the better.


Jordyn, Senior Integrated Marketing Manager

My signature coffee order is an iced oat latte (or hot depending on the weather)


Emily, Digital Designer 

My signature item is my massive work bag (I call it my “Mary Poppins” bag)—I throw all my products in there in case of an emergency.


Stella, Junior Copywriter

My signature is that I make the same exact kale salad for lunch every day—without fail.


Hannah, Digital Marketing Manager  

My signature is that I always have chapstick or lip balm with me no matter where I am. Dry lips are my nightmare.


Liz, Supply Chain Director

My signature recipe is passed down from my mom, her chocolate chip cookies are the