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5 Ways to Show Your Hair Extra Love

5 Ways to Show Your Hair Extra Love

By Crown Affair

Schedule a trim: There’s nothing your hair loves more than a fresh cut. Whether it’s simply getting rid of the dead ends, or committing to a full chop, your strands will thank you for breathing some new life into them.


Do a deep treatment: Your hair can always use some extra moisture, and what better way to do so than with a hair mask? Start by cleansing your scalp with The Cleansing Scrub for gentle, thorough exfoliation, and finish with The Renewal Mask—try leaving it on anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight for the deepest care.


Be consistent with air drying: We all love a good blowout, but we also know the effects it can have on your delicate strands. Go easy on them by committing to air drying for the month. Tools like The Towel and The Clips are here to make it a little easier.

Play around with styling: Try out a new updo! We just launched The Finishing Gel, and it’s the perfect way to play around with as many styles as possible. You can brush it out of your hair without having to wash—so feel free to experiment (and have fun!).

Give your scalp care: Hair health starts at the root, and there’s no point in caring for your strands if you’re not doing the same for your scalp. Try brushing your hair before the shower with The Brush No. 001 to loosen any buildup on your scalp and get an extra deep cleanse, or before bed to distribute the natural, healthy oils from your scalp throughout your strands. 

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