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Be Mine

Be Mine

By Crown Affair

Hair is interesting—it’s this unique fiber you wear around. You can change it in certain ways, like changing an outfit, and feel like a different person afterward. It’s strong yet delicate—kind of like silk—and needs to be treated with care. No matter your hair type, how long or short; textured or not, we truly believe that real love and care are the things that make it its best in the long run. 


Like art, a relationship with your hair can be an experience full of emotions. It can feel different depending on the day, the weather, your mood, and—funnily enough—your hair itself is often a reflection of those same things. How you feel inside, how gentle you are with yourself, will show at your crown first. 


Everyone’s hair is different, and everyone has their own sets of needs. But we believe it starts with the heart. Take some time and fall in love.