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Embracing Lightness

Embracing Lightness

By Crown Affair

This is said to be the most wonderful time of year. In many ways it is—there’s the prospect of festive parties, mingling with friends old and new, and giving back to communities. It’s also a time when it’s easy to feel anxious as you wrap up that big work deadline, or rush to order gifts at the last minute, or book an overpriced flight. So as celebratory as this season is, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed in the midst of it all. 

That’s why we’re writing this today, to encourage you—and us—to embrace lightness. To lean into the “cheer” of the season. Situations of stress and frustration are bound to happen (i.e. stuck in the airport security line with your cat for two hours as you try to get home for the holidays). Leaning into levity may be the antidote. Here are our favorite practices on how to embrace a sense levity this time of year: 

Listen to a comedy podcast or watch a standup special
There are so many podcasts hosted by today’s top comedians. Find your favorite, pop on your headphones, and listen to an episode as you wait at your airline gate. 

Play a game
Literally. Play is powerful. Make up an easy game, like “I spy,” for when you feel stressed. If you don’t already own it, purchase your favorite childhood card or board game and bring it home with you—play it with your roommate, your partner, a friend or your sibling. 

Find the humor. Laugh.
Most situations can be at least a little bit funny, if you choose to see it from a lighter perspective. Laughter is like medicine. It alleviates anxiety, lowers blood pressure, relieves physical pain, and boosts your immunity. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously
At the end of the day we’re all human. We all make mistakes and we’re imperfect beings. Have a bit of grace for yourself, and find lightheartedness. Do your best to let go of impossible standards and go easy on yourself and others. 

Take a five minute break to dance. Why not? Dancing relieves tension in your body, it’s a form of self expression, and it’s downright fun. 

Let it go
Remember: sweat the small stuff, even if it feels difficult. When you take your time, stop rushing, and choose to embrace the levity, you’ll find a greater sense of ease with how you move through the world.