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Getting Reacquainted

Getting Reacquainted

By Crown Affair

We’re finally at this pivotal moment where it feels like much of the world is re-opening. Although not everything feels like it once did, people are certainly making summer plans, hopping on planes, shopping in stores, and eating inside restaurants again. And as exciting as this moment is, after so much time in-doors and at home, it may feel a bit overwhelming to fully put yourself back out there. You may not be ready to jump right back in, yet you don’t want to miss out on what everyone else is doing. 

That’s why we encourage you to reflect on what it truly means for you to re-introduce yourself. Consider the ways in which you have changed, grown and evolved. Are there new practices or rituals that you have incorporated into your life and conversely, are there old patterns or behaviors that you’ve worked to shed? How was your perspective and mindset shifted? In the midst of the collective enthusiasm around the world opening up again, know that you can take these reflective moments for yourself. 

This time away from many of our loved ones has impacted us all differently and individually. So it’s important to remember that your personal process of getting reacquainted with the world, and even yourself, should be done at your pace on your timeline. You have the power to show up in this world exactly the way you want. Give yourself the opportunity to do so on your own terms.

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