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Do Try This at Home:
Daily Brushing

Photo by Emma Olswing

By Crown Affair

Photo by Emma Olswing

If there’s one step we find ourselves repeatedly recommending, it's daily brushing for healthier hair. Aside from its obvious detangling benefits, running a brush along your scalp stimulates your follicles and increases blood flow, sending oxygen and nutrients to the bulb where hair grows. A good brushing ritual can also ease vexatious haircare concerns like dandruff and greasy roots. The sebaceous glands in your scalp produce healthy oils that can settle at your roots, giving hair that “greasy” feeling. Brushing evenly distributes these oils throughout your strands, coating the shaft with protective, shine-inducing oil, and letting you go an extra day between shampoos.

Like all self-care, we like to think of brushing as a ritual: a moment to pause, breathe, and be reminded that the health of your hair is in your hands. It's a simple daily act that can result in radical longterm change and hair that's shinier, stronger, and, ultimately, healthier.