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Do Try This at Home:
Daily Brushing

Photo by Emma Olswing

By Crown Affair

Photo by Emma Olswing

If there’s one step we find ourselves repeatedly recommending, it's daily brushing for healthier hair. Aside from its obvious detangling benefits, running a brush along your scalp stimulates your follicles and increases blood flow, sending oxygen and nutrients to the bulb where hair grows. A good brushing ritual can also ease vexatious haircare concerns like dandruff and greasy roots. The sebaceous glands in your scalp produce healthy oils that can settle at your roots, giving hair that “greasy” feeling. Brushing evenly distributes these oils throughout your strands, coating the shaft with protective, shine-inducing oil, and letting you go an extra day between shampoos.

Like all self-care, we like to think of brushing as a ritual: a moment to pause, breathe, and be reminded that the health of your hair is in your hands. It's a simple daily act that can result in radical longterm change and hair that's shinier, stronger, and, ultimately, healthier.

“Brushing is meditative for me; it’s part of my wind down, get ready for bed, put my phone down routine.”

- Dianna Cohen, founder and CEO

- Where to Begin

The brush you use is just as important as the ritual itself. Our first brush, The Brush No. 001, is handmade in Italy from a mixture of nylon and boar bristles. Boar bristles naturally mirror the texture of our own hair shafts, so they most effectively distribute natural oils from our scalp, thus coating and smoothing the cuticle while lifting dirt and debris from strands.


How and when you brush will depend on your unique hair texture, wash schedule, and current condition of your hair, so make sure to listen to your hair on what feels best for you. No matter what, go slow, be gentle on your strands and scalp, and never brush your hair when it’s wet to prevent potential damage. Above all, take your time. This is self-care, after all.

Photos by Vanessa Granda

- Guidance by Type


If you have normal-to-thick straight hair, brushing will be the cornerstone of your routine. To start, gently detangle your mid-lengths and ends, then work your way evenly across your scalp for optimal follicle stimulation. We recommend a thorough brushing in the morning and before bed, as well as before you wash to clear away any debris. To get your blood flowing even more, flip your hair over and brush from root to tip for additional volume and benefits.



To keep your gorgeous waves healthy, brush before showering to remove debris, and before bed to wake up with more volume and shine. Start by detangling your mid-lengths and work your way up to your scalp, brushing from root to tip to evenly distribute oils. If you find brushing separates your strands and gives you that "fluffy" post-brush look, don't worry. Give it 15 and the strands will come together again, giving you smoother, stronger, healthier hair than before. 



We know not every curl type is into brushing, but if it is part of your ritual we recommend a gentle pre-wash brush. Brushing before you shampoo can help coat your curls in protective, hydrating oils and help loosen any product build-up for a debris-free scalp and more even clean when you wash.                                                    



Coiled and natural curly hair can be prone to breakage, so we recommend skipping daily brushing and using The Brush for styling or edge if that's part of your routine. Instead, use a wide tooth comb to detangle post-shower, gently remove any knots, and give yourself a stimulating scalp massage. 

- Brushing IRL

We're always here with guidance, but at the end of the day you're the true expert on your unique strands. So we asked a few members of our community to show us how they brush. 

“The one thing I do every night is brush my hair. I don’t wash it everyday, so running a brush through for a few minutes really helps distribute the oils, hydrate the ends, and prevent dandruff, which I’ve had for as long as I can remember.” @saralioanag

“Brushing my hair before bed is a huge thing for me. I also brush it right before I get in the shower to take out any knots.” - @arnormz

“This brush has been groundbreaking for me—it’s really gentle, yet super effective, and creates a natural gloss without the use of any product. I never thought I’d be obsessed with brushing my hair, but I am now.” - @lillyeliza

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