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Meet the Scrunchies

Meet the Scrunchies

By Crown Affair

If you've been styling your hair less lately—like, a lot less—you're not alone. Staying home as much as possible has most of us reducing our heat tool use, washing less, and finding our hair healthier than ever before. Unfortunately, you may be undoing all of the restorative steps you've been taking every time you reach for a rubber band... so we decided to make something better.

Meet the scrunchies, two new hair tie styles made from silk to keep your hair healthy, smooth, and breakage-free. Unlike traditional elastics, silk glides onto your hair without any friction, reducing your risk of damage. Silk also leaves your hair nice and smooth when you take it down, so there's less of a chance of that post-ponytail crease. Meet our two styles and three colors below, and give your hair a break from breakage.

The Scrunchie No. 001

We designed The Scrunchie No. 001 to mimic the ease of an everyday hair tie—something you can keep on your wrist all day and always have on hand. (Pun intended.) Get yours in a three-pack here. 

The Scrunchie No. 002

If you like a little drama in your low pony (same), consider The Scrunchie No. 002. Available in two shades of #crownaffairgreen, this oversized silk-satin scrunchie is all you need for less breakage and more fun. Get it here. 

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