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On Resolutions

On Resolutions

By Crown Affair

Happy New Year! We hope you had a happy, healthy, and relaxing holiday season. We’ve entered yet another year, leaving the past behind us, and opening ourselves up for new beginnings, opportunities, and goals to guide us. It’s the season of reflecting—but you don’t have to make any huge or life-altering resolutions simply because it’s the beginning of the year. If you want to, set small, mindful goals that won’t create pressure if you aren’t able to stick to them. They’re meant to lead the way, not deter you.


Here are some ideas for low stakes, guiding principles to follow: 


Be easy on yourself:

We’ve all let stressful situations get the best of us. While it’s unrealistic that we’ll never experience stress or pressure, we can take control of how we let it affect us. Remember to be kind to yourself, take deep breaths, and know you can get through this. 


Create rituals that fit into your lifestyle:

We’re big fans of rituals here, but we know it can be overwhelming to start from scratch. Instead, take little steps to incorporate little things that fit seamlessly into your existing routine, like combing your hair in the shower or waiting ten minutes before you look at your phone in the morning.


Prioritize what brings you joy:

We don’t always make time for the things that make us happiest. It’s easy to fall into the day-to-day, but make sure you’re putting first what brings you pleasure—whether it’s making more time for a hobby, or saying no to a plan or event you know you won’t enjoy. 


Keep an open mind:

We can’t predict how our year will go, and the unknown can be unsettling. Staying open and allowing yourself to both appreciate new opportunities and accept positive changes into your life will help you adapt to any curve balls that are thrown your way. 

Slow it down (when you can):

It’s easy to get caught up in our busy schedules, between work, socializing, and general daily tasks. When you can, take some time to slow down and enjoy your daily routine—even if it’s something mundane. Zoom out, see the bigger picture, and focus on what brings you inner peace throughout your day. 


Adam Fuss, Untitled from the series 'My Ghost' (2000)