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Material to Know: Plant Based Acetate

Material to Know: Plant Based Acetate

By Crown Affair

Picture a standard comb and you’re likely to imagine those of the drug store varietal—flimsy, often pastel hued, and available in a multi-pack for when one or all are inevitably lost. We’re often asked how ours are different from those, and a large part of that is the material from which they’re made. Most plastic combs you’ll find at the drug store are made from petroleum, which is drilled, transported to a refinery, polymerized, then cooled and turned into tiny chips that are then melted down and put into a mold to be made into combs. All that for something you might leave in a hotel room or lose to your bathroom junk drawer. 

Our goal is to create something you never want to lose, something you keep on display for a long time as a reminder to show yourself care. To make ours, we work closely with artisans in Switzerland to hand carve our combs from 100% plant based cellulose acetate. Unlike regular plastic, plant based acetate is a durable and flexible material made from natural renewable resources like cotton linters and wood pulp. Its flexibility makes it a great go-to for bespoke eyewear, computer parts, and, our favorite, combs. 

Henri Matisse 'Composition fond vert' gouache, cut papers, and pencil on paper (1947)

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