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Treat Your Hair Like Silk

Treat Your Hair Like Silk

By Crown Affair

If there’s one piece of advice our Founder, Dianna, shares again and again, it’s “Treat your hair like you would treat a piece of silk.” And it’s true—just like silk, our hair is a delicate fiber that, if not treated properly, is prone to damage. Think about it, would you throw your nicest silk blouse in the washing machine with harsh detergents and heat? Would you tie up a silk dress with a tight rubber band? Or allow velcro or other abrasive materials rub against it? Probably not on all counts. 

Appropriately, treating your hair like silk requires a fair amount of actual silk. Since cotton can be abrasive for hair, Dianna recommends swapping out your pillowcase for a 100% silk version. Similarly, classic rubber bands are major culprits when it comes to breakage, so consider swapping those for 100% silk versions (like, oh for example, The Scrunchie No. 001…). Unfortunately, silk towels aren’t quite realistic, but a smooth microfiber blend will curb breakage and protect your vulnerable wet strands. 

We’re not saying you need to overhaul your entire routine, just treat your hair with a more gentle hand. Perhaps the next time you’re about to detangle, brush, or dry your hair, you’ll envision it as a delicate piece of silk. See how it feels, then report back. 

Mark Rothko (1903-1970)