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Treat Your Hair Like
You Would Treat a Plant

Treat Your Hair Like <br>You Would Treat a Plant

By Crown Affair

Hear us out. Hair and plants have more in common than you think. Both are strong but also vulnerable, (almost) always growing, and reactive to the elements around them. Like a plant, your hair absorbs nutrients through its roots and relies on a healthy homebase for strong, steady growth. For a plant, that means fertile soil; for your hair it means a clean, calm, debris-free scalp from which to thrive. 

So, we say it’s time to start treating your hair like you would treat a plant. Give it plenty of water and nutrients, keep it out of direct sunlight, and listen to what it tells you. Would you tie the stems of your bird of paradise together using an abrasive rubber band? Or manipulate its shape over and over so it loses its natural texture and beauty? Probably not. The same should go for your hair. 

It’s said that talking to plants and playing them music may help them grow. While we (unfortunately) can’t claim saying nice things or playing the Call Me by Your Name soundtrack will help your strands grow, positive affirmations have been proven to improve mindsets, and less stress is always beneficial for your health overall. 

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Worst case scenario you end up with healthier eating habits, a more positive outlook, and a banging plant-and-hair-health playlist for summer and beyond. #topofmindCA 

Image credit: Rene Magritte ‘La Géante,’ Gouache on paper (1936)

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