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Tuning In

Tuning In

By Crown Affair

Our modern lifestyles have made us accustomed to getting whatever we want, exactly when we want it. We’re now conditioned to get the results we desire, all on our personal terms. Everything from how we communicate with others through instant messaging and how we travel with ride sharing apps to how we get “healthier” with products that promise quick fixes. 

While quick fix products and fast hacks may seemingly give you the results you want in the moment, they most likely won’t sustain your hair’s health. The longevity of healthier, stronger hair is the culmination of the daily rituals you keep, even the smallest tweaks. Finding your best hair yet is a journey, an exploration, and a process—it requires slowing down and taking note of how your hair responds to each adjustment within your rituals. 

To tune into your hair, dedicate a few moments in the morning or evening, to listen to your hair without distractions. Commit to leaving the electronics in another room, or put your phone on airplane mode, as you reflect on how your hair has evolved. Notice how your hair reacts to the introduction of new products and tools over time. Integrating better, cleaner products into your ritual will improve your hair’s health but it will also change your hair—get familiar with those changes. Give yourself time and the sacred space to witness these changes, as they may be subtle. Turn inward, tune into you.