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Your Haircare Toolkit

Your Haircare Toolkit

By Crown Affair

The tools you use on your hair are equally as important as the formulas. Here’s everything you need for your best air dry, styling routine, and general health maintenance:


A good brush: Brushing your hair has so many more benefits than just detangling. It helps stimulate your scalp, which in turn promotes healthy growth and distributes your natural oils. Quality is essential, and our Brush Collection is handmade from beechwood—a keepsake that’s made to last.

A strong comb: A wide-toothed comb is also essential for your healthiest strands. Use anytime your hair is wet or vulnerable, for the most gentle detangling experience. Our combs are handmade from plant-based, biodegradable

A gentle hair towel: How you dry your hair matters. Make sure you’re using gentle materials post-shower. The Towel is made from a custom microfiber waffle weave, preventing damage by decreasing friction—water is effortlessly absorbed from your hair without harsh squeezing or rubbing.

Some cute (and functional) accessories: Last, but definitely not least, finish off your look with our accessories. The silk Scrunchie Collection: Three different sizes for any look, and more gentle on strands than standard hair ties. Or, use The Clips to style, and to help your hair air dry.

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