Indulgently Clean, Healthy Hair.

What makes a good shampoo and conditioner? We spent more than a year on that question, and our answer came out looking like this: elegant formulas that gently cleanse without stripping your roots of their natural oils and hydrate without weighing hair down. Designed to allow you to take your time and relish in the process of the cleanse, a good shampoo and conditioner are not meant to change your hair’s natural texture or health. Instead, they provide the ideal circumstances so your hair can flourish—and feel its best every day

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Cleanse & Balance

Every hair type needs something different, but when it comes to the basics of cleansing, we believe in simplicity. The Ritual Shampoo is a new kind of cleanse, made to work with just about every hair type (you know what your hair likes) to keep strands at their happiest all the time. With its gentle, simplified formula, this shampoo cleanses without stripping for longer-lasting cleanliness and better scalp health.

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Hydrate & Nourish

An effective formula doesn’t need “more.” The right pieces work hard on their own. We started from scratch, with fewer—but better—ingredients that nourish, heal, and treat your hair. The Ritual Conditioner is a lightweight take on our signature Mask that nourishes to revive and deeply moisturizes from within. This is thanks to tsubaki seed oil, which heals and strengthens strands from the inside, preventing damage and making hair more flexible.

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