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Good People: Chloe Hayward

Good People: Chloe Hayward

By Crown Affair

Multi-talented creative Chloe Hayward shares how her various career paths intertwine, her experience after making the move from New York City to Los Angeles, what self-care and beauty rituals mean to her, and how to practice living in the moment. 

- Tell us where you grew up and how you wound up in Los Angeles.

I grew up just outside of London and moved to NYC when I was in my mid ‘20s. After about six years in New York, my husband and I moved to LA last year. The lifestyle suits me more at this point of my life. You truly have it all in California, mountains, ocean, forest, desert. It’s road trip heaven. I feel limitless here and I never had that feeling living in New York.

Good People: Chloe Hayward

- Why and how were you drawn to film as a career?

My first love was always cinema and theatre. I studied Drama and English at university so I’ve always loved the history of plays and the legacy of story. I truly love the family feeling of working together towards a shared goal on set and directing is the most challenged I’ve ever felt, but also the most creatively satisfied I’ve ever been in my life. It ties together all my loves; words, music, photography and performance. 


As a model and actress, I always felt something was missing. Working in front of the camera is limited somewhat—you are the canvas for someone else’s vision and sometimes it lines up and it’s an amazing collaboration, but often you’re passive. My directing is very much informed by the amount of time I’ve spent in front of the camera (over half my life eeeek). I’m ever grateful to the opportunities I’ve had on that side of things because they led me to this new career. I used to be really embarrassed about it, to be honest, and worry that people wouldn’t take me seriously. But I have more insight from straddling both sides and it informs how I treat talent when I’m directing. It’s so exposing to have everyone look at you and say action—I try to create an appropriate environment to get the best performance.

Good People: Chloe Hayward

- We talk a lot about "rituals" as a brand. How do you define ritual and do you have any "rituals" that you follow? If so, why do you do them?

I think rituals can help to ground us. That’s what they mean to me in their simplest form. A little face massage, gua sha or jade roller is super relaxing for me in the evenings in bed. Another ritual I truly love is making chicken soup from the bones. I find myself drawn to that process when I need to ground myself and am coming down after busy times. Roasting the chicken, chopping the vegetables, boiling the bones, eating the soup. HEAVEN. I realize I’ve done it for years at all stages in life and it’s so soothing and healing, plus it’s so good for you.

- Has your relationship to your hair changed or evolved over time?

I’ve had pretty much the same hair style since I was 15. I’m not that much of a risk taker when it comes to hair—it comes from a combination of laziness and knowing that my hair texture can’t handle being too short in length or too bleached. I’m a wash-and-go girl, pretty low maintenance. I do miss the soft water of NY though! California water is very hard, so my hair is dryer than ever these days.

Good People: Chloe Hayward

- Any advice you'd give others with a similar hair type to yours?

Don’t wash it too much! And don’t be afraid of a leave-in conditioner or running a little conditioner through your hair after you’ve washed it, my hair drinks it up. Colored, coarse hair needs that little bit extra. Also, the sea is the best styling product there is!

- What is your current hair care ritual?

I’m all about conditioners, masks and leave-ins. I use the Crown Affair Oil when my hair is drying and finish with The Leave-In Conditioner. Bumble and bumble do a great UV protection serum too. I mix up shampoos and conditioners because I think my hair responds to the difference when I change it up. I love the Nou Nou Shampoo and Conditioner from Davines and the Crown Affair Ritual Shampoo, followed by the Crown Affair Renewal Mask


I love the Santa Maria Novella honey hair cream, it’s too precious to rinse out so I leave it in after washing or add more when I’m at the beach for a tousled beach look.

Good People: Chloe Hayward

- What kinds of things do you do to care for yourself, inside and out?

I love to treat myself by moving my body and eating well. Treats nowadays are bowls of fresh berries, fresh passion fruits and Honey Mama’s lavender rose chocolate. Give me all that after a pilates class, my big TV and a beautiful old movie—Kieslowski or something timeless—and I’m happy as a clam. A beautiful glass of red wine is always welcome to join the treats too. It’s about balance!

Good People: Chloe Hayward
Good People: Chloe Hayward

- Do you have a personal philosophy about hair or beauty in general?

Work with what you’ve got. I think the most beautiful women enhance what they have naturally. Don’t follow trends, don’t wear too much make up and apply SPF 50 every morning on your face. For me, sleep, plenty of water, good diet and exercise show in your skin.

- What things make you happiest? What do you do to incorporate more of those things in your life?

Happiness is an interesting one. I think we all realized out of the pandemic that it is utterly impossible to be happy all of the time. Sometimes you don’t feel so good and that’s fine, just acknowledge that it’s a fleeting feeling and that you can do things to feel happier. Friends and family make me very happy, spending quality time with my husband makes me happy and working on something I really care about brings me a lot of purpose and joy. But life gets in the way sometimes. The older I get, the more I try to see the bigger picture. Cheesy as it sounds, I really agree that life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. It’s like a necklace of experiences, these pearls that we string together over time. I celebrate my progress and live in the present much more than I ever have and I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been as a result.

Good People: Chloe Hayward