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Good People: Kinjil Mathur

Good People: Kinjil Mathur

By Crown Affair

Meet Kinjil, mother, Chief Marketing Officer at Squarespace, and one of the most inspirational, smart, and stylish people you will ever meet. Kinjil has long inspired us with her enviable monochromatic style, incredible poise, and clever and thoughtful approach to storytelling, so we were thrilled to pay her a visit at the Squarespace offices pre-lockdown. Below, the Dallas-born NYC resident shares her routines, rituals, and a few of her favorite things.

Photographed by Ben Biondo in New York City

Good People: Kinjil Mathur
Good People: Kinjil Mathur

- What does your weekday morning routine look like?

Only 2 things are on repeat each day:

1. Drinking a double shot flat white

2. Reading 'All Are Welcome’ to my son

- What does ritual mean to you?

Ritual—something you believe in so deeply, you get a sense of renewal from it. 

- What are your current daily rituals?

Given COVID, I need to find ways to separate work from my home life. In our house we've created the daily ritual of getting music going, opening up a bottle of wine, and dancing as a family. The physical act of winding down by disconnecting from our devices signals that we're transitioning into family time which is incredibly important. 

- Who do you get your hair from?

My father.

Good People: Kinjil Mathur

- Any major hair moments or memories in your life?

Sexy salty seaside summer hair.

- What's your current hair routine?

Clean wash, comb through, dry shampoo, air it out. 

- What is your favorite quote?

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi. This is something I instill in my teams. We work to achieve business impact thru social impact.

- Favorite artists?

Rothko, Wool, Richter… and now the ladies: Mira Dancy, Genieve Figgis, Louise Bourgeois, Mary Weatherford, Charline von Heyl, Laura Owens, Frida Kahlo, and Agnes Martin.

- Favorite writer or book?

Hemingway—the obscure short stories + A Moveable Feast.

- Activities or hobbies?

Raising the next gen—my son, Ceyone. 

- What would you tell your 18-year old self?

Experiment more.

Good People: Kinjil Mathur


Editor's Note: All Good People photos and interviews were conducted before lockdown began. Stay safe and healthy, everyone. <3

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